Terms & Conditions

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  1. Please ensure that your information is accurate upon registration to avoid issues/errors that may occur in future. (Administration fees for changes will be charged)
  2. Participants need to fulfil the requirements to obtain e-Certificate:
  3. **SIGN UP** for a webportal account – select your choice of dances (one or both)
  4. **WATCH** tutorial videos provided by ADC and **SELF-PRACTICE**
  5. Schedule at least **ONE** e-Training session.
  6. Schedule at least **ONE** e-assessment with instructors.
  7. Submit video recording within 7 days from e-Training. (RM50 charged for late submission)
  8. Await results from ADC (if failed, you are required to **REPEAT** the course again)
  9. Certificate of Participation will only be given upon completion of the requirements – you need to pass the e-Assessment. If the instructors feel that you are not eligible to pass, you are required to repeat the course again according to scheduled timing.
  10. ASK Dance Company will only provide the music for the dances after the e-Training session.
  11. ASK Dance Company has the rights to reschedule the timings for sessions with instructors and will notify the participants 3 days earlier. If you miss the sessions, kindly schedule a new timing accordingly.
  12. Any late comers for the e-Training/e-Assessment will not be entertained. Participants are required to sign in 15 minutes prior to ensure the sessions run smoothly.
  13. All e-Training/e-Assessment will be recorded for documentation usage of the company.
  14. Participants need to learn the tutorial videos on their own and self-practice to ensure the sessions with instructors will be smooth and productive. *(It is not one to one training)*
  15. ASK Dance Company will not entertain other requests from participants regarding other timings that are not scheduled by the company. Participants are required to follow the schedule accordingly.
  16. Students under 18 years old will require a parent/guardian consent.
  17. ASK Dance Company reserves all rights for all e-Learning materials of Forging Traditions: Beyond Borders– promotions, course designs, photos, videos, music etc.
  18. All information given will be under Personal Data Protection Act and Child Protection Act – we will not share/misuse/misconduct the information to the public. It will be kept as data for the company use.